Welcome to Hong Kong Patent Agency (HKPA).

  1. Who are HKPA?

    We are a firm of Patent Attorneys based in Hong Kong dealing solely with the filing of Hong Kong patent applications. Over the last few years, we have filed thousands of Hong Kong patent applications. We employ Patent Attorneys with 20 years of patent experience in Hong Kong.
    All of our Patent Attorneys are fully qualified (which is not true for most Hong Kong patent agents).
    The main language used by all of our staff is English for easier communication with clients, although we do have Chinese translators, who are needed for preparing a Chinese translation of titles and abstracts.

  2. Why file a Hong Kong patent?

    Hong Kong is 8th largest trading entity in the world.

    Hong Kong acts as the main conduit for imports into and exports out of Southern China, which accounts for the vast majority of patent infringements in mainland China.
    The filing of a Hong Kong patent is relatively cheap compared to patent applications in virtually any other country of the world. Filing a Hong Kong patent requires the simple go ahead from you, since we obtain all the necessary filing documents at our end.

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